Your Ultimate Guide to the Top Virtual Assistant Companies in the Philippines (2023)

Hey there, busy business owners and entrepreneurs! We know how overwhelming it can be to juggle a million tasks at once. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best virtual assistant companies in the Philippines that can help you reclaim your time and skyrocket your productivity in 2023. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

1. Outsource Accelerator

Looking for rockstar VAs who can tackle your to-do list like pros? Outsource Accelerator is your go-to. They’ve got an amazing selection process that ensures you get only the cream of the crop for your tasks.


Say goodbye to never-ending job postings! connects you with skilled Filipino VAs who are eager to jump into action. With their intuitive platform, you’ll have your dream team up and running in no time.


Drowning in admin work and need a lifeline? has a lineup of expert virtual assistants ready to rescue you. From emails to appointments, they’ve got you covered.

4. TaskBullet

Imagine having your very own squad of task superheroes. TaskBullet specializes in helping you delegate like a boss, whether it’s data entry, customer support, or anything in between.

5. Lead VA Virtual Agency

Get ready for a dose of personalized VA magic! Remote Staff knows that every business is unique. They’ll hook you up with custom-matched VAs who understand your needs inside and out.

6. Filta

Need social media prowess or killer content? Filta’s virtual assistants are masters at everything digital. Watch your online presence soar with their help.

7. BPOSeats

Ready to level up your game with flexible staffing? BPOSeats is your ace in the hole. Whether you’re a startup or a growing enterprise, they’ve got a VA for every stage of the journey.

8. 20four7VA

Get ready to meet your new secret weapon: highly trained VAs who can handle anything you throw at them. 20four7VA is your gateway to stress-free multitasking.

9. MyOutDesk

If you need specialized support, MyOutDesk has got your back. Their VAs are experts in fields like real estate, healthcare, and e-commerce. Your business is in good hands.

10. Virtual Done Well

Say hello to your new partner in getting things done. Virtual Done Well covers a wide range of tasks, from executive assistance to creative projects. Consider them your productivity sidekick.

11. CrewBloom

Ready to supercharge your sales and support? CrewBloom’s Filipino VAs are pros in those areas. They’ll be your trusty companions in driving your business forward.

12. OkayRelax

Time to put the “chill” back in your life! OkayRelax is here to help with both work-related and personal tasks. Consider them your go-to stress busters.

So there you have it, folks! These 10+ virtual assistant companies in the Philippines are your ticket to smoother operations, reduced stress, and a whole lot more free time. Remember to pick the one that aligns with your business vibe and watch as you conquer your goals like never before in 2023. Your virtual dream team awaits!


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